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Forget Ferguson Look at the energy and aggression you have there, not many international midfields would fancy coming up against that. Don't blame Iwelumo, the poor guy should never have been near an international squad, put a poor player in a pressure situation Get a solid base of a team that plays week in week out and add to that your one or two quality players Fletcher, Hutton, Boyd and you have a recipe for success. BF is the best scottish midfielder we have. Our team is weaker without him so why leave him out?

Agree with the point that it might not be in the best interests of ferguson, but it definitely is in the best interests of the Scotland team. We are not that good that we can afford to leave out our better players. Its pretty bizarre that arguably three of the most talented Scottish-born players in Boyd, Ferguson and McGeady for various reasons don't play for Scotland. Going back a while here but didn't Duncan Ferguson fall out with some people and refuse to play for Scotland too?

As a non-Scot it does seem the Scottish national team and its players are their own worst ememies at times. At pm on 12 Feb , BognorRock wrote: Its pretty bizarre that arguably three of the most talented Scottish-born players in Boyd, Ferguson and McGeady for various reasons don't play for Scotland.

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When he was imprisoned the scottish FA also decided that they were going to impose something like an 8 game ban on playing for Scotland too. Where they got that from is beyond me?? Yes son you've been to jail and served your time, we are now going to ban you too How stupid of a ridiculous FA. Big Dunc in had probably his most productive and injury free time as a player My point was that it's bizzare how many very good Scottish-born players don't play for Scotland for one reason or another.

If I was a Scotland fan this would annoy me quite a bit. Public apology Did they commit some serious crime against humanity Fair enough they were stupid, but they have been punished, so if Mr Levein wants them to return to help us qualify for a tournament and they agree all the better for Scotland It's not like we have an abundance of players with his experience to choose from. BognorRock - one name Ryan Giggs. Why did he choose Wales? Have to agree with Jim here.

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It is all very well saying that they were "stupid" and have served their punishment but have they really? You could argue that McGregor was just following the lead of his captain and senior player when he did it and as the junior player, not in such a position of responsibility, a slap on the wrist and non-selection is probably appropriate. Call it a written warning if you like, however, were Ferguson to show such disregard and lack of professionalism while working for any organisation in the private sector he would almost definitely have been immediately fired.

His actions during the game, after being disciplined for the almost inexcusable offence of late night drinking and alleged "raucous" behaviour in front of people not with the Scottish set up in a public place while on duty, in my opinion demonstrate a complete disregard for his peers, superiors and most importantly the people who pay good money to keep him employed. Scottish football sees many players who show promise at an early age but who end up not fulfilling their potential due to a lack of application and falling foul of the temptations which abound in our society.

To even appear to condone this runs the risk of setting an example which will lead to the continued failure of Scotland as a footballing nation. Oh and just for kingkenny, Ryan Giggs is Welsh; born in Wales to Welsh parents and was never eligible to play for England. He played for England schoolboys which anyone who attends a school in England can do regardless of their international eligibility.

Give me a break. I get paid to blah blah blah, too much baggage twaddle. We don't pick the team. We should trust Craig Levein, after all we did ask him to be the Scotland manager so we should respect that it is his decision and if he wants Barry Ferguson, and he's willing to return, we should be supporting him just like any of the other crisp poke chasers that flood our team. Have a nice day ;. Totally agree with post If the captain had just gone on his late-night bender between two important games and abused a member of the management team, and then apologised properly, fair enough.

And if he had just acted like a spoilt child while sitting in the stand and then apologised properly for that, fair enough. But to do the latter while he was supposed to be showing contrition for the former, shows - and I know this sounds like a cliche, but in this case I reckon it's justified - a complete lack of respect for the Scottish international football team, which he was supposed to be the captain of! An incredible honour for most, but apparently an inconvenience for Ferguson, if it gets in the way of his drinking, or if the set-up dare to ask him to behave himself in the days after the drinking session.

He is a good player, of the quality we need, but even taking this into account I think - pragmatically - that the Scotland set-up is better off without his negative influence. Surely JT has committed a far worse crime than our two idiots did Do you actually want Scotland to qualify for a major tournament or are you too wound up in making sure 1 ex 1 current Rangers players are kept out the Scotland set up?

Also don't you think a more burning question would be: Darren Fletcher 'world class' for Man Utd but just doesn't turn up for Scotland ever, any ideas?! As captain of Scotland they way Ferguson acted was disgraceful. He may not have committed any crime but if he had any hint of respect for the honour of being made captain of his national side or the slightest amount of personal dignity he wouldn't have acted in that fashion.

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The fact that can act with complete disregard of the responsibilty of his position as captain of Scotland is an insult to Scotland fans and the Scottish nation. Hence the need for a public apology. It suggests that Ferguson simply does not care about the national team and for that reason does not merit selection. I am certainly not happy with the thought that I am being represented by Barry Ferguson. And although I have been a Scotland supporter all my life if Craig Levein chooses to recall Ferguson, Scotland will lose at least one fan.

And Ferguson will have the chance to make a mockery of the international team once again Barking at referees, trying to get opponents sent off yet he never got even a ticking off because he was 'king Barry'. Yet on the international scene he didn't dare do it because your Collina's etc wouldn't stand for it yet he walked all over Freeland, Thomson, Brines etc.

Quite gutted Driver isn't eligible for Scotland missing the deadline by 2months, he's the natural left winger we're crying out for. As a previous poster stated I think I'll put my trust in Levein when it comes to picking the Scotland Squad. Hopefully the players will respond to him better than they did with Burley. On the other subject with regards to Ferguson and McGregor, they were stupid aye, but personally I think they wer hung out to dry a little bit after the drinking thing-other players who took part in the same bevvy session took part in the game whilst they were benched-i too would have been peeved that I had been dropped whilst my co-conspiritors got off free.

Craig Levein's pragmatism is infectious. He is sensible enough to understand that if he wins or doesn't lose football matches he will likely keep his job longer, and stands a better chance of getting us into second place. View all. More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. Get Me Out Of Here!

Our GP answers the The Queen's former press secretary Dickie Arbiter slams The Crown for suggesting she had an affair with Ant McPartlin's estranged wife 'rejects multi-million pound divorce settlement in favour of taking him to Lest we forget! Fallen British heroes buried in some of the world's poorest countries are still honoured by Britain's bravest brothers: Siblings who grew up 'poor as church mice' were posthumously awarded the From fish-free 'smoked salmon' to chickpea 'stuffing': Are those trendy vegan Christmas sarnies actually any Exposed: Elaborate plot including fake email from an art expert designed to prove Dali painting that Union boss and Corbyn supporter who is threatening Christmas rail strikes filmed calling Jewish activist a New poll shows Tories with a point lead over Labour while calamity Jeremy Corbyn stumbles from crisis to Revealed: Top Corbyn aide held four meetings with Czech spy in the s and was viewed as a 'friend of the Tories beware!

Jeremy Corbyn is urged to sack would-be MP after he 'made light of domestic violence' in Facebook post which Tony Blair 'knocks heads together' to try and stop feuding at the top of People's Vote campaign spearheaded People's Vote campaign chief steps down over allegations of harassment towards female staff members Pictured: The violent meme shared by budding Labour election candidate that shows a gun being pointed at Boris Johnson's plan to offer superfast 5G broadband to everyone by 'will be scuppered unless he drops I wonder if it really is a turkey.

We shall soon find it out, however when we go to the water.

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It must go in, if I have to push it myself. Poor duckling, so unlike his siblings. An outcast, black sheep and worst of all, different.

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  • During my childhood, I remember thinking that I never quite fit in. It was an internal thing with me. I call it The Me, Not Me syndrome. One duck wants him to leave. I love how the mother sticks up for her odd little son, seeing the good in him and downplaying his ugliness. Character over beauty. I think he will grow up strong, and able to take care of himself. The duckling finds himself alone in the big world.

    He discovers his love for water and wants to find his own path.


    Who can understand you, I wonder? Do you consider yourself more clever than the cat, or the old woman? I will say nothing of myself. Are you not in a warm room, and in society from which you may learn something. But you are a chatterer, and your company is not very agreeable. Believe me, I speak only for your own good. I may tell you unpleasant truths, but that is a proof of my friendship.

    I advise you, therefore, to lay eggs, and learn to purr as quickly as possible. Instead of taking the advice of others, he goes out in the world again, searching for where he belongs. Others now appreciate his beauty, yet, all those times he was jeered at, teased and told that he was ugly has scarred him. In romance, often times our hero ines are beautiful, handsome, powerful, seemingly perfect. Over volumes of Japanese yaoi — all heat levels, some more porn than story. Be warned. Japanese sensibilities are very different from the American mind-set.