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    Squall Drifter

    Brutal Expulsion - Fixed that also spell targets were handled correctly. Emira Shepherd - Fixed that the returned card could be returned to battlefield if the played land was a Plains. Evolutionary Leap - Fixed that also if no creature card was in the libraray a card was moved to the controller hand. From Beyond - Fixed that the searched cards was not revealed. Grip of Desolation - Fixed bugged card type definition. Horribly Awry - Fixed that it also could target non creature spells.

    Infuse with the Elements - Fixed that the target gained haste instead of trample. Lavastep Rider - Fixed wrong value for toughness.

    Glyph of Lavish Servings - Leatherworking - WoWDB

    Ondu Rising - Fixed that the attacking creatures did not get lifelink. Ruination Guide - Fixed that it buffed itself. Tide Drifter - Fixed that it buffed itself. Fixed that a player doing a library search with a stated quality Flamerush Rider - Fixed that the token put onto the battlefield was not attacking and not tapped. Fluctuator - Fixed that it crashed the game if onto the battlefield and a card with cycling was on the hand of the controller.

    Gather the Pack - Fixed that the cards were not revealed. Hex Parasite - Fixed a bug that the boost was not always applied if only one counter was removed. Kurkesh, Onakke Ancient - Fixed that it also triggered if other players did activate abilities of artifacts. Mystic Enforcer - Fixed that it did not get Flying from the threshold ability. Selkie Hedge-Mage - Fixed that the triggered abilities did not work.