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I just published an edited volume that I titled, Comics Studies Here and Now , to celebrate this arrival in terms of scholarship. Donald is much more senior of a scholar than me but like me, it would seem, he, published more recognizably traditional scholarship first — for him this was on William Blake.

Later, he publishes on Donald Duck and creates one of the preeminent journals in the comics studies field, ImageTexT. He started publishing those as an already senior scholar who was established.

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Today you have students who want to study comics or who want to pursue interdisciplinary study that includes comics? All that I like to do when I teach literature in terms of opening minds to new ways of perceiving, thinking, and feeling about the world, I can do with comics — and the demand is there. Humanities departments are being pushed to make decisions that are based on the survival of the arts and humanities as a whole. Comics studies and comics scholars often tend to be part of literature departments.

Formal Matters in Contemporary Latino Poetry

Is it important that comics studies become its own thing? It needs to be its own thing, of course. Bottom line. Ideally, we would have comics studies as a properly designated discipline or field as we do with, say, literature. Of course, it would be defined as an interdisciplinary space of learning: art, art history, psychology, communication, media, film, literature, languages, philosophy, for instance. For now, what we see in place like OSU with dense concentrations of comics studies scholars from literature, communications, visual design and art departments is the creating of Popular Culture studies writ large.

This is an important institutional move. You recently co-founded and edit the Latinographix fiction and nonfiction book series, which launched last year. I describe the books in the series as using text and visual narrative that explore and push at boundaries of Latinx identity, hybridity, experimentation, and creativity. This series has swiftly become a hit with the press — and readers across the country. However, with Latinographix I wanted to open that space specifically for Latinx creators.

I want these books adapted and taught in university classrooms. I want them to be taken seriously as objects of scholarly study just as you would a book coming out of an academic press generally. Getting them into the hands of college students and into university libraries will ensure their longevity on the shelf and in getting them into the hands of future generations of scholars.

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There are all these incredible Latinx creators everywhere. I want students and layreaders all over the world to be reading and studying these works. As part of this, the imprint has two books coming out this fall. One is Tales From La Vida. Why did you decide to assemble an anthology? Everybody was really excited They stepped up and before you know it, I had over eighty contributors in one single volume.

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When Tales From La Vida comes out this September people all over the country will be able to buy it or borrow it from libraries. They will encounter all of the resplendent pivotal moments in the lives of these Latinx comics creators. They will see how each creator uniquely shapes their journeys. You have big names and you have a lot of people I never heard of. So the plan for the anthology was from the start was to tell short, real life stories?

Galactic Atlas Galactic Atlas. Selected Poems of T. Eliot Faber Modern Classics. The Epic of Gilgamesh Penguin Classics. Poetry Handbook. Dirty Pretty Things Michael Faudet. Opened Ground Selected Poems, The Collected Poems. Metamorphoses Penguin Clothbound Classics. The Iliad Penguin Classics. Dog Songs Poems. Demian Dover Thrift Editions. View Wishlist. Our Awards Booktopia's Charities. Cuban vs. Boricuan vs. Chicano, etc. Raina Leon: In answer to your first question, I have to say that there is something beautiful about sharing the company of other Latino poets, whether in person or in other media.

A few months ago, my mother told me when she and my father dated and throughout their marriage, they were subject to the curiosity of others. Of course, my brother and I have grown up with questions of, "What are you? My hair has been touched as if in a zoo, my skin complimented or spit upon depending on the day, etc. But generally, when surrounded by other Latino poets, it is my work that sings. My understanding of Latinidad and how it applies to me is part of a larger discussion, but I do not feel myself ever the oddity.

I love being able to write in Spanish or talk about the particularities of my family life that are so typical of Puerto Rican families. I realize, too, that I am very lucky, because, as a Cave Canem fellow and as an editor for The Acentos Review , my complete self is supported and encouraged within my work, but being identified as a Latina poet does chafe on occasion. I flare with anger when others try to pigeonhole me or my work as belonging to only one community or influence. Yes, I am Latina.

I am African American, too. As a poet, I take in the world. In the case of reading the work of other Latino poets, I was in college before I read any Latino authors, and with the exception of a class and a reading series curated by Aldon Nielsen, the only places that I encountered the work of Latino authors were in Spanish classes.

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  6. My prior education was founded on the canonical literature of the dead white man. This is part of the reason that as a teacher now I include contemporary and multicultural resources. They were instrumental in challenging me with others they were reading.

    I'm still immersing myself in the literature that speaks to me culturally and inspires me poetically. Latino poetry forebearers? I enjoy reading the work of Puerto Rican and Cuban authors, but I am intrigued by others as well. Honestly, I keep making these budgets to help me pay some bills Rice and beans are very nutritious, right? That's all I'll be eating with the library I'm building at home.

    What brings us together is as interesting as what makes each of us different. I believe that as Latino poets we can add great richness to the world of contemporary American poetry. I find the Latino poet label unpleasant when I notice that it is being applied to me as part of a group somehow thrown together without real sensitivity to the subtle differences in our language, heritage, and so on.

    I have always resisted trying to use my Latina status in order to gain more opportunities for myself.

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    My name is not a Latino name.