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The format used to display the date information in the top right corner.

I. The 25 July Presidential phone call

The format of this field is as specified by the java SimpleDateFormat class. If set to true, the chart will show annotations on top of selected values. When this option is set to true, after every numeric column, two optional annotation string columns can be added, one for the annotation title and one for the annotation text. If set to true, the chart will display a filter contol to filter annotations. Use this option when there are many annotations. Whether to display a small bar separator between the series values and the date in the legend, where true means yes.

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Whether to display a shortened, rounded version of the values on the top of the graph, to save space; false indicates that it may. For example, if set to false, A number from 0— inclusive specifying the alpha of the fill below each line in the line graph. The fill color is the same color as the line above it. Select from one of these values: 'nearest' - The values closest along the X axis to the mouse. Whether to put the colored legend on the same row with the zoom buttons and the date 'sameRow' , or on a new row 'newRow'.

The maximum value to show on the Y axis. If the maximum data point exceeds this value, this setting will be ignored, and the chart will be adjusted to show the next major tick mark above the maximum data point. This will take precedence over the Y axis maximum determined by scaleType.

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The minimum value to show on the Y axis. If the minimum data point is less than this value, this setting will be ignored, and the chart will be adjusted to show the next major tick mark below the minimum data point. This will take precedence over the Y axis minimum determined by scaleType.

If not specified, the default format pattern is used. If a single string pattern is specified, it is used for all of the values. If a map is specified, the keys are zero-based indexes of series, and the values are the patterns to be used to format the specified series. You are not required to include a format for every series on the chart; any unspecified series will use the default format.

If this option is specified, the displayExactValues option is ignored. Where these values are shown depends on how many values you include in your array: If you specify an empty array, the chart will not show Y values next to the tick marks. If you specify one value, the scale of the indicated series will be displayed on the right side of the chart only.

On-Again, Off-Again: The Turbulent Relationship of Trump and Kim Jong-un

If you specify two values, a scale for the second series will be added to the right of the chart. If you specify three values, a scale for the third series will be added to the middle of the chart.

Any values after the third in the array will be ignored. The following options are available: 'maximized' - The Y axis will span the minimum to the maximum values of the series.

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If you have more than one series, use allmaximized. If values are both positive and negative, the Y axis will range from the series maximum to the series minimum. Come in early 2. Stay late 3. Watch your back 5.


You may want to hold off a few days before trying to cash your paycheck. To temporarily replace a broken phone or laptop, you are welcome to root through the IT storage cabinet, currently filled with Commodore 64 parts and a few bedazzled Sidekicks. Choose language that shows how the entry is related to the topic. The usefulness of a source is easier to appreciate after a rough draft has been written.

Creating an Annotated Bibliography

In fact, explaining its value in the annotation may prompt you to make more effective use of it. Is each source of unique value? What relevant knowledge or expertise does this author bring to this topic? Identify specialization, not just general credentials. Why was this document useful? Annotating Like an Authority — a.