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Reimann, Historische Schule und common law. Die deutsche Rechtswissenschaft des On the Continental Legal History Series cf. I add my recent edition of a text by Altamira, published at the beginning of the history of law series: R. Steiner, After Babel. Steiner, Babel , op. Steiner, Babel , ibidem , p. On the important character, art collector and producer of texts among them, translations of authors present in American books: Lombroso, Ferri, Garofalo, Tarde , cf.

Revista de Arte , , , p. The requirement of English as a legal condition for immigrant naturalization was introduced in the United States just two years before the birth of the series with the Naturalization Act , cf.

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See G. Smithers to Wigmore, January 24, , Wigmore Papers , box , folder 1. Translated from the Spanish by A. De Salvio […] with an Introduction by Wm. Smithers, Esq. Boston, Little, Brown, and Company, Altamira, Spain , op. Brunner, R. Stintzing, E. Landesberg, J. Otto Stobbe, R. Siegel, H. Zoepfel and E.

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  • Questions de droit pénal: Question de méthode (French Edition).
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Freund […]. Drake, Albert Kocourek, Ernest G. Lorenzen, Floyd R. Mecham, Roscoe Pound, Arthur W. Spencer, John W. Wigmore, chairman , Science of Legal Method. Select Essays by Various Authors , E. Bruncken and L. Register trans.

Sheldon and J. On the legal historical series see John H. Wigmore to Rafael Altamira, 17 Apr. Each manuscript is revised in toto by one member of the Committee, before being sent to the printer; the proofs are then read by both the translator and the editorial member, and a duplicate is inspected by the Chairman of the Committee. When I saw him in he was very indignant that Wigmore hat not asked his permission for the selections made and that he had received no royalties on them!

Petit, Napoli, Jovene, , doc. Issues that I will hardly address at present. Wigmore Papers , box , folder 1. John H.

Wigmore to William W. Smithers, December 28, , on the draft introduction to the criminological series. Smithers, one of the editors of the Modern Criminal Science Series cf. The circumstance of this missive was an editorial misunderstanding: the sociologist Charles A. Bonger, Criminality and Economic Conditions , Trans.

By Henry P. Garofalo, Criminology , trans. Kelly […] and John Lisle […], Edited by W. Smithers, with an Introduction by C.

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Ellwood and Q. Myers, Boston, Little, Brown and Co. Train[…], Boston, Little, Brown, and Company, Todd , p. See p.

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Here is the prospectus of the series ca. Braga, Historia do direito portuguez , I. Os foraes , Coimbra, Imp. Padoa-Schioppa cur. For the criminological series, C. Steiner, After Babel , op. Thot [h. Nothing was done about these possible supplements. Thus, the Italian I. AALS-Proceedings , 26, , p. Hakim and A. For that reason, the bill offers, by way of subclause 2 , examples of what involuntariness means. The provision is open-endedand does not purport to be a comprehensive definition.

The submissions on the bill indicate that there may be difficulties even with the propositions contained in subclause 2. It is also the case that subclause 3 fails to deal adequately with the relationship between voluntariness and intoxication. In the absence of a clause on involuntary acts the courts willcontinue to apply relatively well-settled common law principles. It owes something to clause 43 of the proposed Criminal Code U. Subclause 1 states the simple proposition that a person should not be punished for something done or omitted to be done by that person involuntarily.

This was described by Mr. Subclause 2 a deals with cases involving automatism. Some may argue that subparagraph ii is not wide enough to reflect Arnold accurately. That case tends to suggest that partial unconsciousnessmay be sufficient to establish a 'defence' of automatism.

However,such an argument would miss the point already made about the relationship between subclauses 1 and 2. The real test is one of involuntariness. If the accused wasnot wholly unconscious but nevertheless acted involuntarily, he or she would be protected from criminal responsibility by subclause 1. Subclause 2 b is designed to meet cases such as Burns v Bidder [] 2 QB In that case, a motorist was charged with failing to give way to a pedestrian on a crossing.

In fact, he was incapable of doing so because his brakes failed. Subclause 3 is to ensure that the 'blinddrunk' do not have recourse to this clause. Fairall, Criminal Defences , 2nd ed. As a general rule of penal law, the principle of culpability should be applied in the field of economic and business offences. Where strict liability offences exist they should at least be subject to the defense of impossibility.

Reform efforts should be directed to abolish strict liability offences as quickly as possible. A similar view is taken of the defence of impossibility in section 3 1 a ii of the new Draft Canadian Penal Code. Koopmans, Marianne Rutgers, Jan M.

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A defence that is rarely met with in the situation of criminal law, but that appears to be valid where applicable, is impossibility of compliance with the legal duty. The maxim Lex non cogit ad impossibilia , which is of limited force in civil law, would appear to be a compelling principle of humanity and justice where punitive sanctions are in question. Although closely related to necessity, the defence of impossibility is theoretically distinct. Thus it may be laid down as a general proposition that where the law imposes a duty to act, non-compliance with the duty will be excused where compliance is physically impossible.

These include: the way to deal with the physical element of an offence, some fault elements of crimes , attempts to commit an offence, people who counsel others to commit offences or conspire with others to commit offences, impossibility E An omission arising from misapprehension is not an offence under this section,.