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Corona is the name of the fantasy world in which R. It can be noted that the world of Corona bears a striking resemblance to Eastern Canada.

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Major rivers as well as landmasses are shown. The area titled as Alpinador is in the same location and has the same basic shape as Labrador. Alpinador is the home of the Alpinadorans, a somewhat barbaric race of tall, strong men and women. The ranger Andacanavar is an Alpinadoran. This is the northernmost and most mountainous known nation of Corona. As a result, it is bitingly cold most of the year. Also known as the 'Valley of Mists' or the 'Forest of Cloud', Andur'Blough Inninness is the hidden home of the Touel'alfar, the winged elves who raise and train the few human rangers of the world.

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The land is ruled by Lady Dasslerond, the queen of the Touel'alfar. It is the place where Elbryan Wyndon , the Nightbird, was raised and trained after his home, Dundalis, was destroyed. After the events of the novel Immortalis , Lady Dasslerond is replaced by Belli'mar Juraviel as ruler. In The Demon Awakens , this volcanic mountain is the unholy lair of the demon dactyl Bestesbulzibar, but becomes a site of holy power after Avelyn Desbris slays the monster. Avelyn's mummified arm, which extends out of the flattened mountaintop, has significant magical power.

Whenever any evil creature sets foot upon the plateau, waves of holy power turn the creature to dust. As of the events of the novel Mortalis and the spreading of the smallpox-like 'rosy plague', a small amount of blood can always be found oozing from Avelyn's palm.

Saga of the First King

Anyone who touches his or her lips to the blood is cured of the rosy plague and is forever after immune to the disease. After news of the arm's power had spread across Corona, pilgrims have travelled regularly to the site, and in the novel Immortalis Avelyn was canonized as a saint of the Abellican Church. Behren is the southernmost kingdom in the world of Corona; however, it is known that impenetrable jungles exist to the south of that land. Behren is ruled by religious clerics called Yatols, the most important of them being the Chezru Chieftain, Yakim Douan.

However, the ruling system of Behren begins to break down after the events of the novel Transcendence. Behren's key city is Jacintha, the largest known city in Corona. The Belt-and-Buckle mountain range is one of the most distinctive physical landmarks in Corona. Bogs and dark forests cover the northern foothills of the westernmost known part of the mountain range.

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Tymwyvenne is a city in the darkest part of the bogs of the Belt-and-Buckle. So dense is the canopy that no light penetrates to the ground. This city is the home of the Doc'alfar, the dark elves.

DemonWars: The First King: The Dame And The Bear (Saga Of The First King)

These elves have long been separated from the Touel'alfar, after a plague devastated the Doc'alfar population, doing virtually nothing to the Touel'alfar. In meeting a member of their fabled cousin race, the Touel'alfar, they were at first suspicious, but eventually befriended Juraviel since the events of the novel Transcendence. The ruler of Tymwyvenne is King Eltiraaz.

The Bear Saga of the First King, R. A. Salvatore. (Audio CD )

Honce-the-Bear is the preeminent kingdom in the DemonWars Saga. The most important cities in the kingdom are Ursal, the capital of the kingdom; Palmaris; and Entel. Finally, there is St.

see This body of water is a wedge-shaped extension of the Bay of Corona, which juts into Honce-the-Bear just south of the Masur Delaval. Docks on this bay constitute the second of two entrances to St. The Gulf of Corona is an extension of the Mirianic Ocean.

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Invaders from the Julianthes typically attack throughout the gulf's coastal region. The gulf is defended from those and other attackers by seaside forts defended by the Coastpoint Guards, three contingents of Kingsmen: Pireth Vanguard on the northern coast, Pireth Tulme on the southern coast, and Pireth Dancard on an island directly between the other two. The Gulf of Corona is fed by the Masur Delaval.

The Masur Delaval's mouth is in the northwestern corner of the Gulf of Corona. The Masur Delaval extends straight southwest to the city of Ursal. The city of Palmaris sits on northern bank of the Masur Delaval, near its mouth on the Gulf of Corona. On the opposite bank from Palmaris is the smaller city of Amvoy. It extends into Honce-the-Bear as the Bay of Corona. These islands, located in the distant northwest of the known Mirianic Ocean, are also known as 'the Weathered Isles'.

They are home to the powrie dwarves, also known as 'bloody caps'. This collection of islands off the southern coast of Behren is home to many pirates, as its name implies. This volcanic mountain range exists along the southernmost part of the border between To-Gai and Behren. Salvatore enchants and lures us back into the world of Honce, which has been given the promise of a peaceful coalition between two lairds.

This is all thanks to the extensive highways. But, as most rulers do, the struggle for complete rule is turning into a nightmare. In The Dame, Bransen sets out on a journey, seeking truth. But, those in power seek to use his battle prowess and magical skills for their own mischievous desires. In The Bear, Bransen starts his quests again on his own. Fates are twisted, old allies become enemies but even old enemies could become allies.